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Audiences of Augmented Reality


While doing research on Augmented Reality for some upcoming development, I stumbled across a rather interesting article on Augmented Reality developments. The most interesting thing about it is that the source for this very informative piece was the AmericanBanker.com, and the topic was the differences between their customers and those who normally use augmented reality (particularly as it relates to Google Glass).

The interesting thing was how the developers from the banks in question initially developed their applications around standard features that are highly popular/requested like voice commands. That said when they went to present the initial concept to live customers they were dumbfounded to discover that their customers did not want to state aloud that they wished to “check [their] balance”, and instead wanted to have a special gesture or button to do so.(Crosman 2014)

There were several similar results across the industry, and I have a feeling that outside of fun and game apps where you are clearly playing, that the trend for all Augmented reality applications in the future will likely lean towards increased privacy rather than pushing towards the experiences we may expect from watching futuristic films.

One interesting technology that may offer a way to revolutionize both the privacy and accessibility of these applications is the growing field of mind reading hardware, and ever more advanced ways to access the minds raw power. Perhaps in the future our minds could unlock levels of augmented reality that are of yet unimaginable, and naturally exceedingly private for their users.

Penny Crosman,
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