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Writing a Bluetooth Packet based #Arduino sketch for the Versalino Control board

Okay so this one took a while to develop, I was up until after about 1 AM last night trying to figure it out. That was even after Bobby and I planned out as much as we could think of on the Robot Arena which happily, being made of whiteboards, makes for an amazing engineering […]

Migrated to a new server, adding chat to all of my sites, and some other tidbits

Updating the Versalino Rove Controller Sketch to accept 4 Byte VirtuabotixPackets

So some of you may have been wondering about the VirtuabotixPacket theme that a lot of my recent posts have been following. The Versalino Rove is one of the big projects that I developed the packet system for, and after spending most of yesterday working on the latest control sketch I finally have a rover […]

Nemia Rising Books launched after 8 and 2 years respectively!