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Light Eternal (Poem)

Light Eternal ~Joseph Dattilo  In Darkness We Begin Grasping                Desperately For the                              Light That Eludes Us.                               Finally We Tear Through                      Bathing In The Warmth         The Comfort It Brings […]

This grape died for science!

How to control Temperature & humidity levels with a DHT11/DHT22 relays and a FAN & Heater

So I have done a lot of projects that were meant to control and monitor temperature and humidity levels since writing the Virtuabotix DHT11 library and developing a lot of other sensor resources. Still the question often comes up how you would control humidity/temperature levels using this sensor with heaters and fans, and I wanted […]

This grape died for science!

Updating the Versalino Rove Controller Sketch to accept 4 Byte VirtuabotixPackets

So some of you may have been wondering about the VirtuabotixPacket theme that a lot of my recent posts have been following. The Versalino Rove is one of the big projects that I developed the packet system for, and after spending most of yesterday working on the latest control sketch I finally have a rover […]

Migrated to a new server, adding chat to all of my sites, and some other tidbits