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Hunting Bears for SCIENCE! Water Bears that is Part 1


Join Vincent and I as we go on a glorious Bear Hunting Expedition for SCIENCE! Water Bear hunting that is 😀.

If you have never hunted Tardigrades (another name for the Water Bear) You should definitely check out the video so you can get some sweet tips of Water Bear hunting safety and glory.

Next time we we find out what we caught.

General steps if you want to go hunting for Water Bears yourself are as follows:

  1. Find Moss (the wetter the better)
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  2. Put Moss in a container (A water tight one ideally, given our next step).
  3. Put Water on Moss (Soak it real good, moss is thirsty stuff).
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  4. Wait 8 to 24 hours for Water Bears to leave hibernation state. This state is also referred to as an “antibiotic state” in which the Water Bear dries up along with the Moss it is inside, but not to worry as soon as it soaks that glorious water up it comes right back to life. This is one of the key features that makes it possible for the Tardigrade (Water Bear) to survive in some of the most hostile environments in the World, and even in Space!
  5. Come back for our next video and blog post to learn how to find them.
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