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Long overdue update


Hey everyone, I just wanted to check in with a quick update.

1. We relocated to Portland, Oregon from Colorado Springs back in November, and things have been pretty crazy.

2. All of our servers migrated too (on purpose to make them run smoother).

3. I have been working pretty heavily on https://www.virtuabotix.com, and several contracts… so I haven’t had very much creative time.

4. That said I have started working with my old buddy Kyle Lince and have our youtube channel up and running again (though of course as I write this I haven’t had time to film in two weeks).

5. I promise I will figure out this whole keeping everyone up to date thing, and start posting here and everywhere else again soon.

Joseph Dattilo Writer, Electrical Engineer, CEO and founder of Virtuabotix LLC, and completely crazy in every way.


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