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Review of the Blueterm Android App


Working in the Electronics industry, particularly with Arduino boards, and the Virtuabotix BT2S Slave (Bluetooth 2 Serial) it didn’t take long before the need for a Bluetooth terminal application on the phone became a serious need for me. After having used many different Bluetooth serial terminal applications on the Android OS Blueterm has become one of my favorite Utility applications for Arduino/Versalino projects.

How it works

Bluterm app pairing with devices on Android
Retrieved 4 August 2014 from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=es.pymasde.blueterm&hl=en

The Blueterm App is simply put a Serial Terminal for your Android Phone or Tablet. It provides many of the basic features you have come to expect from a standard Serial Terminal on a PC. The big difference is that it is on your Phone or Tablet, and that it is designed specifically to work with Bluetooth to Serial devices. It doesn’t emulate web terminal, SSH, or other options that you might find on the drop down menu in TeraTerm or Hyperterminal.

Once you have the application installed you simply click the options button and connect to the appropriate device (such as HC-05/HC-06 in the case of the Virtuabotix BT2S Slave) and enter the pairing code (1234 in the case of the BT2S Slave default) and complete the pairing process.

Once properly paired you will see a blue screen that is actually a text field where inbound data can be seen. Clicking on the textfield will allow you to send data through your bluetooth device as if it was physically connected to a computer.


  • Works well on Android phones and Tablets
  • Supports tons of Bluetooth Serial devices (Bluetooth 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 etc)
  • Allows monitoring and transmission of data to and from Bluetooth Serial devices


  • Only works on the Android OS
  • Does not support Macros, or instant commands
  • Has limited support for pairing memorization
Joseph Dattilo Writer, Electrical Engineer, CEO and founder of Virtuabotix LLC, and completely crazy in every way.


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