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Review of the Twitter App for Android


So running a business is tough enough, but on top of that now you need to be tweeting out handy things on a daily basis too! I have to admit I really sucked at Social Media for quite a while, and honestly I am probably still #lame at it when compared to a lot of current high-school students. That said the official Twitter app really took my Twitter experience from #laughable to a little more #fun, and I hope it will help you do the same.

How it works

So the Twitter app is pretty simple in it’s essence you have to menu options Accounts, and Settings. As implied by the plurality of the term Accounts the app supports monitoring of multiple accounts for the those of us that have to deal with that. Which is great for folks who have a business and a personal account (just make sure you know which one you are tweeting to :D).

Another great feature is the ability to set up a lot of your core configurations in the App itself under, you guessed it, the settings menu. One of the more interesting features for those a little lazier with the Social Media, is the ability of Twitter to update your Facebook status or a Facebook page you manage (like… a Business page) which is awesome!

After installed and configured you can get a regular feed, and keep track of any mentions or social messages all in the built in tabs. You can even set up notifications for mentions, followers, and messages so you can respond quickly to questions and posts.

Once I got this app installed I was finally able to take quick snap shots of prototypes, and pose quick questions on the fly that would be syndicated to Facebook automatically. I have had really good luck with the App (well up until I ran out of memory on my phone, but that is another issue entirely).


  • Works well on Android phones and Tablets
  • Handles multiple accounts
  • Allows for @mention, follow, and conversation tracking
  • Allows for photo uploads, retweets, and messaging
  • Taps into phone notification system to tell you when important things happen (ahhh the ding of a new follower)
  • Can be configured to auto post to Facebook


  • Can consume a lot of memory, and tons of bandwidth if you let it sync in the background, and you follow a lot of people
  • Facebook posts have poor formatting and often get less exposure for it
  • May lead to oversharing
  • It can be difficult to judge the quality of a photo upload on a lot of smaller phones
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