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Science with BOOGERS! Preparing and examining boogers under the Microscope.


As promised in an earlier episode, we are doing an episode dedicated to Boogers! Watch as we collect our boogers, and prepare a disgusting slide to look at under the microscope at 40x, 100x, 400x, and 1000x.

Science with boogers setup

To do this experiment you will need a microscope, a slide, a slide cover, green food coloring, and ideally an eye dropper and petri dish (but you could probably manage with any container and booger moving device).

First you need to get a nice juicy booger. There are various methods for booger retrieval, which I will not go into here, but feel free to put your booger retrieval recommendations in the comments section :D.

Once you have the boogers you will need to put a glob of them on your slide.

Science with boogers, putting booger on the slide

Once the booger is on the slide it is time to put the food coloring in. Just a single drop is more then enough.

Adding food coloring to boogers

We used green food coloring, because… well it was boogers okay! Next you need to put the slide cover on. Just drop the slide cover ontop of the nice fat goober.

Drop the slide cover on the booger slide next

As you can see there is a ton of dye, and way too much booger at this point. Everything just wiggles around like crazy, which would make it impossible to look at in high magnification.

Wet mount cleanup on booger slide

To fix this we use a paper towel on one side, and add water on the other side, which sucks out excess food coloring and allows you to get the slide more flush. You will probably need to push down on the slide cover lightly to get enough goobers out to keep the slide from riding freely over the booger coated surface.

After that you need to put immersion oil on the slide, just put a single drop and spread it evenly over the top of the slide.

Adding immersion oil to booger slide

Here is what it looks like once the immersion oil has been spread.

Spreading immersion oil on booger slide

Finally you are ready to put your slide under the microscope and see what goober monsters await you.

Unfortunately in this case I am clearly too healthy, and my boogers were pretty darn boring. Just the same I hope this article, and the accompanying video helps you to learn how to prepare slides.

If you found something cooler in your boogers be sure to share it her, or as a video response to our channel!

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