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Science with Fireworks! How to Smother a Fire.


Today we did a special fireworks and fire safety video to learn how to smother a fire, and put out fires in two different ways. Join us as we experiment with putting out candles and fireworks using the smothering technique.

Learn why you can’t always put out fires by blowing on them, and be sure to join us next time when we learn how to use a fire extinguisher.

Fire requires Fuel and Oxygen to survive, most of the time blowing on a fire actually would make it bigger, but in the case of very small fires (like candles) blowing on it is able to create a low pressure zone that causes the fire to go out.

Other types and sizes of fire can’t be put out this way, so sometime you have to smother a fire to put it out.

The Basics of how to smother a fire are as follows:

See a fire, and make sure it is safe to fight it. (If it isn’t call emergency services and get to a safe place).

Lit candle before being smothered out

Put a fireproof (ideally) and air tight thing over a fire.

Bottle on top of candle begins smothing fire

And finally, when the oxygen runs out the fire will have been fully smothered and out. Be sure to leave the bottle or other smothering material where it is, or sometimes the fire will roar back to life when you remove it.

After we finished with the candle we tried with a Fire Cracker (don’t do this indoors like we did, it was dumb of us).


Vincent tried to blow out the fire cracker, but it had no effect at all! WHAT CAN WE DO!?


We put the bottle over it, and it kept burning like the candle did for a while. This bottle was too big, and it kept burning longer than is ideal, but it kept the fire contained, and eventually went out.

After we tried the big bottle, we tried a smaller container, a Glass Petri Dish.


That did the trick, in only a few seconds the Petri Dish smothered the fire completely! Hazza!



Next time we will learn how to use a fire extinguisher! It is gonna be super fun, so be sure to join us :D.

Joseph Dattilo Writer, Electrical Engineer, CEO and founder of Virtuabotix LLC, and completely crazy in every way.


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