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SCIENCE with immersion Oil Microscopy


Hey gang! A few days ago my son and I made a video about how to use immersion oil properly. As some of you advised me, I was forgetting that key step, which is why it was pretty much impossible to focus at 1000x… I know shame on me, I totally used to do that in school some god awful number of years ago.

Below is a picture of me putting immersion oil on the slide to look at it at 1000 x. Your Microscope may require it for 400 X as well (ours as it turns out, did not). You will know if you need to use it if one of the aspect ratio lenses (the ones you twist at the base of your microscope assembly to change your magnification) has the word “OIL” on it.

SCIENCE with Immersion Oil Microscopy applying immersion oil to slide
SCIENCE with Immersion Oil Microscopy applying immersion oil to slide

Anyways, the important lesson is that if your lens says OIL on it… you need to actually put oil on the slide. Another tidbit I got was that you should always put a slide cover on (even with a well slide), I will make sure to mention that when we make our Water Bear Hunting episode soon.

Anyways all said you can get much better focus when you actually use immersion oil for an oil aspect lens… I know, duh, but I didn’t remember it, so I wanted to make sure I explained it so you didn’t have to feel as stupid as I did. 😀

SCIENCE with Immersion Oil Microscopy 1000x banana peel
SCIENCE with Immersion Oil Microscopy. Notice how you can actually see more than a pink haze at 1000x on our banana peel slide when you use immersion oil properly? We did.
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