Home news SSD Crash took out my main PC
SSD Crash took out my main PC

SSD Crash took out my main PC


Hey guys, I just wanted to give you all a heads up that I had an SSD drive completely tank in the middle of running yesterday, which has put me behind schedule on YouTube.

Luckily I only lost the most recent premiere and photoshop files, and everything else was backed up. That said, I will be housing future premiere files on a raid drive too :D.

Just as a headsup, if you have a PNY CS1111 Solid State Drive (SSD7SC480GCS1C) it is susceptible to a random driver failure that is according to other sources on the internet, and hours of attempts on my part completely unrecoverable.

As luck would have it, just about all of the applications I use now days are cloud installed (Like adobe CC, and Steam), and all but my videos folder was set to be stored on a personal raid NAS we use… So everything but what I have been working on the most of recent was backed up.

What that means is that all of my most recent YouTube work is as it is, and will remain so. I had planned on compiling some combined longer videos of the water bear episodes, but now I suppose we will just have to film new material instead. ;D

Thanks for your patience while I get things back up and running everyone!

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