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Is usafanlikes.com the real deal?


So we have all seen companies out there that advertise real Facebook likes and twitter followers, but how many of them are really really real? So many of those services provide you with bot generated users or users from other countries who don’t even know or care about the products or services you provide in the USA.

Usafanlikes.com promises “active” US followers and likes though, and as long as you are willing to write a quick blog like this one they promise 1000 followers for free. I hope they can deliver on there promise because it sure would be nice to report back something good about a social marketing company that delivers on it’s implied promise of real followers who actually have some level of interest in your actual product or services.

I will post an update on whether or not things turn out for the better or the worse.

As expected the users seem to pretty much be fake/ghost or otherwise inactive. So far years later it seems like the best way to get real engaging followers is to go to local events and meetups, and find people who actually use their social media :D.

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