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Water Bear Hunting part 2 Finding the Tardigrade


Hey everyone! Just finished editing and released part two of our guide to finding Water Bears. Check out our awesome Microscope footage, and learn some Science with us.

We have another couple higher detail Water Bear episodes coming out next!

This is a follow on to our guide one how to hunt for moss and prepare it to wake up Tardigrades/Water Bears.

Once the moss has soaked for 8 to 24 hours, we need to squeze out the moss water into our petri dish.

squeze out the moss water to find critters

After you have that water squeezed out you can look at it under a low power reflection microscope, or a relatively strong magnifying glass until you see movement.

find a high activity spot in the moss water

You then use an eyedropper to catch the critters (and tap the eyedropper until sediment is at the base of the eyedropper). Than you put a drop into a well slide. Put a slide cover on and put your Immersion oil over it (we didn’t do this step until our next video, but you can save the trouble of taking it off to add the oil now).

Check for movement before putting on the slide cover

Look for wiggling chunks of moss, water bears seem to like to stay on their moss islands, and they are hesitant to leave unless they are moving from one piece of moss directly to another.

Tardigrade (water bear at 100x)

Be sure to come back for higher magnification videos and images of our Water Bear friends!

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