Home SCIENCE Water Bears at 400x parts 1, 2, and 3 released!

Water Bears at 400x parts 1, 2, and 3 released!


Join us as we look even closer at the humble Water Bear! Also known as a Tardigrade, this is a follow on to our series on Hunting for Water Bears where we delve deeper, and get some really good footage of a Tardigrade at 400x magnification. This is a follow up to our previous videos about collecting moss and preparing it for finding Tardigrades!


In part two we get an even better look at our Water Bear, name him Red the Water Bear, and learn even more about how amazing Tardigrades are.

Our final installment of Tardigrade glory at 400x magnification. More watching, and talking about our Water Bear named Red.

By the end I was getting really good at keeping him in focus, and got some very interesting footage of him swimming, and attempting to navigate the slide.

Sometime next week I will be combining all of our Water Bear / Tardigrade videos into one epic 30 to 45 minute documentary that walks through the whole process in a single video. Hope you guys enjoyed, and as always be sure to share any corrections, or ideas for our next projects.

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