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Is an Online Workforce Right for me?


As the rift between the old and new world has been opened further and further by the ever progressing march of the Information Age, the rules that have long governed traditional business models are more than gradually changing.

This follows a progressive growth of business work force and building sizes culminating in what can be described as the bursting of yet another unsustainable bubble created before the recent global recession. Though most of the tools available have existed in some form or another for over a decade, most of them could not take root before the recession because of the ease with which a business could maintain profitability (or at least the illusion thereof). Because of this it is only recently that most of these technologies have begun to achieve industry acceptance.

And so, the struggle of other businesses to survive while saving on the cost of doing business in new and innovative ways that were never possible before this time. We have all been holding our breath, well at least those who have been watching, as the worlds of business and home life have begun to collide in many industries. Creating new and interesting worlds that test the tenuous balance of work and play, sometimes to their respective breaking points.

Before you even consider the tools available you first have to ask yourself the question, “Is a home based work force right for my business?” The answer to that question isn’t always easy, and there are certainly loads of businesses who would have answered no outright a few years ago, but have somehow managed to pull it off.

To help answer that question I have put together thew following flow chart to help you decide if an online or “mobilized” workforce is right for your business.

Is an online workforce right for me? Answer flowchart

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